Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week In Pictures # 24

This week I had the honor of a 3-day week-end, and it was the first time this summer where I actually felt like well...summer. When you're in an office for 8 hours you don't get a realistic sense of the actual seasons happening outside. Unless you freeze or you get soaking wet upon stepping out. There has been almost non stop gorgeous weather, for the past 2 months, but I only knew that in theory. Now I finally got to experience that first hand and even got a bit of a tan in the process. It feels utterly incredible and like a sudden boost of health to spend a day in sunshine. I wish much sun on all of you! Or at least as much as you want.     

My friend is a huge Cumberbatch fan, so I sent some Cumbersweets and a Cumberface over on Monday / She then returned the favor with instant sugar rush lollipops

Girly cocktails have been acquired / THE most deliciously smelling body lotion, it's like coconut and vanilla frozen yogurt

Points for presentation / Mint Candy Apple is the new favorite of the bunch

Wildlife illumination provided by the man of the house / The Obligatory sunset picture

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