Friday, July 26, 2013

Review | Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Last week I posted about How I Clean My Face and in that post, I think you could already sense my serious love for the cleanser I am about to show you. I can only say, my adoration has grown since.

Review | Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser
What makes me go buy Burt's Bees over and over again are definitely the ingredients. I'm a huge fan of brands that keep it clean and select natural and/or organic ingredients for their products because you only get one skin, why would you not be as careful as you can be with it?


Perfect for dry skin! I have seriously dry skin and gel cleansers and cleansers in general are not my best friends but this is the only time in the entirety of my existence where I have used a GEL cleanser that has left my skin moisturized and clean! I mean...that's almost impossible and yet here we are!

The cleansing it does is definitely great cleansing. As I mentioned in the "How I Clean My Face" post, I prefer to reduce the rubbing to a minimum, especially around the eyes, so that means I will first take off my eye make-up before using this cleanser.  In all fairness though, this thing removes even that if necessary.

I am completely in like with the smell! It smells natural, it smells unprocessed and unaltered so that it corresponds to some not necessary fragrant wish people might have. It smells like the ingredients, obviously like orange also. It's so great to put something on your face that doesn't smell fake.

Ingredients! I will leave you with a picture of them,  you can see how magnificent this ingredient list looks:

Review | Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Another thing that makes me feel completely happy and giddy is the fact that I can feel the orange oil on my skin after cleansing. And let me tell you, orange oil is great for a number of things, like increasing the production of collagen and stimulating circulation. By stimulating circulation, not only will you look healthier, but that saggy, sad, tired feeling and look to your skin will be gone.It also sooths dry and irritated skin and does great things to acne prone complexions.

As far as cleansers go, this particular one comes at a pretty great price. On you can get it for around 10 Euros and last time I've seen this was at the Whole Foods Piccadilly in London for around 10£. Not sure if you know this or not, but the Whole Foods at the Piccadilly Square has an upstairs filled with beauty. Definitely one of my favorite places to roam.

Here is what the actual gel looks like, pretty much a thick gel that you can apply on damp skin.


Let's not be ridiculous here, there is no con to this cleanser.


Magnificent! Definitely a keeper and a proud resident of my Holy Grail basket. It does a great job at cleansing, is super considerate to your skin and it leaves it in a state of supreme content. I say go for it if you have the chance!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful cleanser! I'll have to see if this is available where I live now :)

  2. Wow this sounds like such a good cleanser and it would be a perfect fit for me haha too bad Sephora left the country so I need to see where else I could buy this. Orange scent here I come :) xx

  3. This review kind of makes me regret not buying this when I saw it on sale. I'll try to go back and see if that last piece is still there. :))

    1. It really is amazing. I'll always recommend Burt's Bees products, don't think I've found one that wasn't great



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