Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week In Pictures # 22

This week falls under the constant recurrence of "Go Do". Don't know if you are familiar with the song, but it's one of those things that surprise you and give you a very clear feeling. You know exactly what it is about even you haven't heard or understood the lyrics yet.You can listen to the song Here and the funny thing was realizing that the chocolate I had been munching on all week was indeed also called Go Do.

Starting off well with chocolate and fudge. THE most amazing fudge that is

It was moving day at the office / Warnings were put on the moving boxes

What pretty cupcakes, what nasty frosting / The neon flying fish egg sushi. Looks legit

Quite a bit of sushi was consumed on that occasion / Arts and crafts time got golden

The Go Do choc / My new favorite accessories 

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