Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top Autumn Polishes Part 2

Remember Part One ? Well we're back with the second half of what I foresee on my nails this fall.
Two things I've noticed in the making of this post: 

1. I have no greens! And I mean I have a minute amount of green polishes ( one to be exact ). I don't think they look that magnificent on me but just one? Really?     
2. A lot of blue was included in this post. I'm realizing it as I look at the pictures, because I've never considered myself a huge user of blue polishes. The truth is, ever since I joined the Monday Blues project, I seem to have acquired a considerable amount of blues.

Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty Sally Hansen - Gray by Gray  Sally Hansen - Greige Gardens  Sally Hansen - Gunmetal Essie - Bobbing for Baubles swatches nail polishes nails autumn fall top polishes
Can you tell I like Sally Hansen? Of course not, there would be no way of you noticing that.
Truth of the matter is, especially the Xtreme Wear polishes are extremely durable. I keep being impressed by how well they last.

Left to right:

Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty
( the links will take you to the swatches I did of each polish)

Yellow Kitty is a pale enough yellow to get your attention but to not bother you too much. I find it really ideal for autumn when everything fades away a bit
Gray by Gray is a grayish blue that I really really like! I'm a big fan of all polishes with a gray undertone and this one is just cool enough.
Greige Gardens is, guess what? Yes, a mauve with a gray undertone. It gives it the proper coolness for the frosty months.
Gunmetal has got to be one of my alltime favorites. The shimmer makes it absolutely gorgeous to wear anytime but I'm prone to reaching for it when it's less than hot outside.
Bobbing for Baubles....ah Essie, you've managed to create something that I've become obsessed with. Seriously obsessed. It's dark enough to be dark but blue enough to not confuse it with black and it just looks regal. An incredible color  to be worn anywhere and anytime and you can probably tell I'm a fan by the many posts I've done on it like: herehereone more here ,in polka dot version and in golden polka dot version which also happens to be my favorite.

Below, the swatches

Left to right: Bobbing for Baubles/Gunmetal/Greige Gardens/Gray By Gray/Yellow Kitty

Will you be sporting any of these colors? I'll also be doing one on my favorite metallics and glitters for fall so stay tuned!

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  1. Yellow Kitty is a beautiful shade. I've never tried a Sally Hansen polish and now I really want to try one!

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Lasting - wise they are my absolute favorites!

  2. Oh gosh, Gunmetal is sooo my kind of color! :D

    1. I remember when I first saw it. It was want at first sight

  3. They are so fab all pretty colours I need them all haha seriously



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