Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub

I think the time has come for me to show you one of my favorite scrubs. You might be surprised what it is because it's so easily accessible and pretty easy on the wallet. Let's be serious,it's really easy on the wallet. I had discovered this scrub in a Marionnaud a while ago and wanted to give it a try because it looked so pretty. And I was VERY surprised the first time I used this. This is coming from someone who is a maniacal user of Burt's Bees scrubs and recently I've been preferring this one more.

For the refill, I was lucky enough that the lovely people of Dirty Works sent me one of these. But this is a definite repurchase, so regardless of how, I would have gotten my hands on it again anyway.
The main WHY is that unlike any other scrubs, it does what it's supposed to do and then leaves you with a total feeling of moisture on the skin! I mean, not even the oiliest of scrubs give you that feeling so effectively. It's basically the main reason I keep going back to this. 
The texture is creamy and has abrasive pearls as opposed to being sugar or salt based, which in itself is a great thing for sensitive and dry skin, because as much as sugar melts and is nice to you, it is still rougher than these beads.
Of course, as usual I'm a sucker for ingredients and this scrub a dub is right up my alley, keeping it nice and clean. 
Like I said, this scrub is available in Boots , I think also in Superdrug and Sainsbury's, but I'm not so sure about that one, and if you have a Marionnaud nearby, you'll also find it.
Definitely worth a try since it's just around 4£ or even less if you find the right offer and definitely worth a try since it's a pretty amazing scrub!

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  1. Looks like a nice product, the packaging is so similar to Soap&Glory!




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