Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week In Pictures #30

Actually we're a bit more far along than week 30, because last week I did the London Edition which was documenting my trip to London Town and numbering wise, I didn't count that, but we're back on track.   
And I'm sorry for the later hour in the day at which I'm posting this but I just climbed down a beautiful mountain. More on that piece of heaven soon!

1. The only cloud in the sky that day 2. Yogi tea has the best quotes 3. My little spice window pane
4. Breakfast with ginger tea is a pure joy 5. The new favorites
6. I may have gotten Loki'd.... 7. How to successfully tan with socks 8. I am the maker of fire!
9. Tomato love all the way 10. Speck and fire and the great outdoors make for a perfect Sunday

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