Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lip Lovin' | Topshop Lip Crayons

I'm usually not a big fan of matte lip...anythings. It's because we all know how they like to dry out lips but I have to say I'm beyond impressed with these crayons!

topshop lip crayon coy swatch review

I'm definitely a big fan of nudes and corals,but to find a coral that I'm content with is a whole other story. You can imagine my surprise when this one turned out to be the exception to my searches. I was just randomly walking around Selfridges ( yes,not even Topshop...) when these cute things caught my attention. Would like to point out that I find the general black and white Topshop packaging immensely cute and I tend to direct my eyes towards them instinctively. And this was the case with the Lip Crayon in Coy.

In any case, what I was incredibly impressed with the lasting power. They're basically the Maybelline Color Tattoos of lips. Just like the eyeshadow, 5 hours into applying it, it was still sitting proudly on my lips. After eating and drinking mind you. And even more surprising, it did no damage to my lips in terms of drying them out. Even if it is a matte crayon, you don't get that "oh Lord they're becoming the Sahara!" feeling. Sure, it's not like wearing a moisturizer , but no matte product ever is.
They're also very friendly in re-applying. It really just takes a stroke and you're as good as new.That's mainly because not much color gets lost along the way to begin with.

Not being a fan of lip crayons or mattes, this one really changed my mind and I really want to try more out! I'd just wish they'd make a nude,peachy and/or a pastel pink one. So far I've only seen burgundy and fuchsia.Correct me if I'm wrong though.
But stay tuned because I have some more Topshop lip lovin to show!

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  1. Si pe mine m-a cuprins nebunia, am un Clinique si un Astor si le ador, chiar merita banii!

    1. In mod surprinzatoar, se pare ca le prefer pe cele mate

  2. I too find myself shy of matte products, I'd try these though :)
    Amy x
    --A Little Boat Sailing--



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