Monday, October 28, 2013

Last Week's Favorite Manicures

Let me start off by saying that both these nail gracing presences happened by complete accident.
The first one was me being bored of that oxblood red and remembering I had one of the Rimmel Precious Stones polishes. One thing led to another, a coat of glitter was applied and I was in utter awe for most of the week.They looked like rubies! Even more astonishing that they looked good on the shortest nails I have had in ages.

Then on friday, my colleague brought some polishes to work and I felt the need to use some flakies. China Glaze ones to be exact. But since I had no nude,pastel or taupe-y polish in sight I figured, why not apply it just like that? And I've been staring at my nails ever since.

What's your favorite? It is probably clear that I'm in a shiny place right now, because glitters and flakies are making a massive comeback.
And seriously, don't the red nails look like Dorothy's slippers? I need that mani on my nails again!                               

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