Saturday, July 28, 2012

Please Read : Little Technical Problem

Guys,I am so so sorry!
I've had so many nice people follow me and that I want to follow back but for the past 36 hours I get this message whenever trying to add a blog  :(

First up I want you to know,as soon as this is solved,I will follow everyone I'm owing it to! I feel so bad for not being able to!
Secondly,anyone have an idea what this is? I've contacted Blogger...and now we wait. But maybe one of you knows if it's fixable or if it's temporary and will get solved... Any suggestion can help.


  1. That was doing it to me as well, hopefully they fix it soon and you can catch up!!

    1. They had all round issues,email, mail is fixed,youtube is still having hiccups,hope this gets ixed next :(

    2. by the way,how long did it do it to you? i'm into 48hrs+ now...



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