Friday, December 21, 2012

When Your Nails Look Like Your Yogurt Drink

Well that was a weird title wasn't it? Ambiguous to say the least.
I hope you don't have horrific images of new life forms growing on someone's nails because that is not at all the case here.
The funny thing about what I'm about to show you revealed itself to me when I got to the office and was preparing to drink an Actimel (Danone, this is the time to pay me for the free name dropping).
Was about to open it when I realized my nails had a very similar texture and color(s) to the aluminum foil that sealed my yogurt drink.
I'm just going to let you see for yourself:

w7 moondust swatch actimel glitter nail polish

It looks kinda funny,doesn't it?
The nail polish I'm wearing here is W7 Moondust and it is a pretty polish, but you can't help but notice it has a tendency of looking like the yogurt cap.

w7 moondust swatch actimel glitter nail polish
Of course it has more colors and glitters and it looks really pretty, but I've had some people giggle at the similarity.
I will also show you a proper swatch of this polish, once my nails have grown to more decent lengths..

But tell me, is it just me or does this polish really have some Actimel cap in it?

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