Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Other Halloween Looks I Promised to Show You

Remember I said I had colored people around the office for Halloween? Well here are some of those people.
A really popular request I got was the psycho clown (who was not supposed to smile, but it always did) and several people got this look. I will show you just one picture because, quite honestly, it was the only one whose picture I managed to take.Everyone else was too busy being psycho to jump in front of the lense.

scary psycho clown halloween make up look tutorial makeup

 Another thing I got asked by two people to do was spiderweb/random lines around the eyes. It was insanely fun to do because I used a ruler to do them. It was really the only way to get straight lines across someone's face and the fun factor while doing it was the highest it has ever been. Imagine yourself sticking rulers on people's faces repeatedly and tracing lines with an eye pencil. Another option would of course be, to use liquid liner to trace those lines, because they would be darker and sleeker, but since we only had the pencil, we made do. And we made it look really good I think.

scary psycho clown halloween make up look tutorial makeup spiderweb makeup halloween look
 Which one do you like most? And actually, which one would you rather wear?           

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  1. I love the webbed look! And i think I would rather wear that one.

    Just posted my October Favorites and I'd love if you had a read:
    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’



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