Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week in Pictures # 39

This week has kind of predominantly been about... mugs.
Don't ask me why, but on Monday I ended up in a bookstore that sells all sorts of pretty drinking utensils and seeing so much prettiness, I decided I should make my own mug. Which indeed resulted in my dearly beloved "Primrose Hill Road" Street Sign mug that you will get to see riiiiight now

1. The mug and thermos selection that started it all 2, Primrose Hill Road Mug! 

3. General wisdom we sometimes skip 4. Alexandra has proven to me that a good Pumpkin Spice Latte is not exclusive to Starbucks
5. This awesomely cute framed piece of art! 6. They had heart cookies at the BBloggers meetup!             

I don't know how you are with mugs, but I have this feeling that you'll see many more cups and mugs in the weeks to come, especially since the warm beverage season has begun

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  1. Trebuie sa ajung si eu la Sisters. That PSL looks yummy!



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