Saturday, November 9, 2013

Let Me Show You How To Stretch in Under 5 Minutes

I don't know where you work but I work on a chair. I sit a lot. Most of us probably do, because most of us do more sitting than standing or running or walking.
Because I sit a lot, my muscles tend to not find that too good,so stiff necks happen, back pain and legs that would just want to run the marathon are placidly sitting under the desk.

But even if you can't really change your work routine, you can change your pre-, during- and after work routine to make it much more comfortable for yourself and do your body some good.
As I was wondering on Pinterest I came across this picture and have been doing these moves each morning.
Not a single pain has been felt since ! I sometimes even do some of these moved during breaks from work as a refresher and they are fantastic and not too complicated

You might not be able to do them exactly like this on your first couple of tries, nobody can. But it takes less than 5 minutes to do and it stretches your body in such a fantastic way that I can't really imagine going a day without doing them.

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