Saturday, November 30, 2013

Top Tunes This Month

When I drive to and from work, the one thing that makes sitting helplessly in traffic bearable, is music. And since it's been half an eternity since I last gave you some listening material, I figured this would be the perfect time to do so.

Let's start with one of my total feel good songs. It has a tendency to wake me up in the morning while driving to work: Two Doors Cinema Club - What you know

This is such a happy tune, you don't have any other option than to go with it. I've been discovering quite a few indie gems ever since a friend showed me so if you want ready to go playlists by mood,genre,season...basically anything, that might be the place for you.

This next one is a 2 in 1 thing. First up it's one of my favorite running songs, and secondly it always reminds me of running at night in London along the Thames, passing Big Ben, St Paul's, London Bridge...just perfect!
Daft Punk ft Pharell - Get Lucky

This next one is, remarkably enough, one of my favorites. And because I even know who wrote it and sings it *wink wink* I'm kinda even more fascinated that I like it this much. You're always critical about the things you're close to, but gosh darnit, I love this thing! There, I said it!
So if you're into discovering great new things, I think this one is right up your alley:
Joanna Kaze - Primrose Hill

As far as quiet things go, I've come to the conclusion that Sigur Ros is pretty unbeatable. I've only truly gotten into them this year, even if I knew many of their songs before. But what they do is just one grand piece of serenity.
I'd usually tell you to listen to Saeglopur since that is my favorite song of theirs, but I have been listening to this one excessively lately and have come to realize that it is also really great workout music...surprisingly enough.
Sigur Ros - Rafstraumur

And last but not least, the song that is so stuck in my brain that I do not foresee it moving anytime soon:
One Republic - Counting Stars

I'll go ahead, be honest and say I typed "one direction" before realizing that was the wrong "one". Those kids are everywhere...I'm ashamed they've even almost gotten a place on my playlist.

And, I have one last treat, a super cool EP that is free to be listened and that also contains one of the songs that made it in my favorites from this post. There's 4 songs in total, but I'd dare say they are pretty awesome.

So, did you guys enjoy my current song likes?

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  1. I've been loving Counting Stars too. There's also this one song that I hear playing everywhere that I need to work out the name of!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. I feel like I should do a Radio1 promo and say " check playlisted! " but I won't xD How does the song go though? Maybe I can help

  2. Oh, Sigur Ros, I remember listening to Brennisteinn for like three days straight. <3

    1. The whole Kveikur album is pretty great,isn't it?
      I'm slightly out of my compulsive listening to Isjaki phase, but it's coming back!

  3. How surprising we have similar taste in music haha :) xx



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