Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Blues: Snow Queen Nails

It's blue time of the week again!

I've been saying last week, when I posted the Swirl Nails,that I'm slowly and surely running out of blues but seems I can still find combinations where I can re-use some polishes.

Fact is, I'm more of a pastel person and blues and greens are an occasional purchase. But hey, it just makes your creativity go wild when you run out of colors and have to combine old ones to make something new.

So today I used two polishes you've already seen. China Glaze Liquid Crystal and the Mi-Ny Glam F Blue to bring you Snow Queen Nails!

snow queen china glaze liquid crystal mi-ny inverted glitter manicure nails

We all know by now I have a serious love for glitter, and I recommend you read my intense raving about the China Glaze Liquid Crystal because it has to be one of the most fascinating polishes I own.

This manicure really gives me the feeling of ice and snow, thus the name I gave it. I think this will look even better in winter, with actual snow around.
I'm envisioning a white coat with these nails. Might need to go look for one now!

snow queen china glaze liquid crystal mi-ny inverted glitter manicure nails

I was really surprised to see how well these two colors work together and how subtle and girly these nails look. Also impressed about the fact that 3 days after, and there's no chipping. I think I should dedicate a post to my incredible top coat.

With that being said, I leave you to check out the other lovelies that take part in the Blues, and hope your Monday will mean a great start to the week!

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  1. This is really beautiful!! Lots of glitter posts today ;0). I wonder when I'll run out of blues. I've become a blue polish lover, so I still have quite a few.

    1. saw that too! We glitter synched!
      I just created my own little polish and am posting that next week! :D

  2. It sure does look like ice!!! It's a win win situation with me, it's blue and reminds me of ice (which I love!!). And you could always re-use the same polishes and do some nail art!!! :))

  3. thankyou! made me feel all wintery :)



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