Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brown Gold Foil Nails

This one is from the "young and proud nails" collection. Did this also a while ago and just didn't get to post it.
You might have seen my initial attempt of doing gold leaf nails HERE in baby blue and gold.

Well, because I liked it a lot and the outside was in a pretty gloomy state, I decided to recreate the manicure on brown.
The difference this time was that I used a top coat and it became unbearably shiny, therefor you can see a bit too little gold and a bit too much sheen.
It did look vastly clearer in real life, that much I can say!
The brown I used is Barry M Mushroom. Can't really tell you why they picked "mushroom" as a name because I have yet to see such a fully brown mushroom. My name of choice would have been "puddle".
Wouldn't that have given you a much clearer visual of brown?

In any case, puddle or mushroom, I still like the color. Prefer it much more in autumn though. By the time January hits, I like to go back to full on color.Not neon quite yet, but almost.

What are your winter colors? And would you be interested in a "favorite winter polishes" post?

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  1. Hmm to be frank it is not my kind of thing, but I do not like the brown I think the overall concept is lovely though! Ixx


  2. i like it! would you like to follow each other? let me know!



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