Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Holy Grail Product: OIL Nail Polish Remover from Kallos

Oh my goodness,where to start! This a dream come true and I cannot even begin to say how happy my dry nails are about this: Oil Nail Polish Remover! Yes, OIL!

When a girl I work with showed up with this and showed it to me I couldn't quite believe my eyes because it sounded perfect.
And then I saw it in action but still didn't want to quite let myself believe this could exist.
A bit later I went ahead and got it and was still reluctant to giving it full points.

But maaan! I used it, and was absolutely amazed! Sure, it removes the polish in one or two more wipes but who cares? The nail is left completely moisturized and the oil left is amazing for your cuticles and hands.
But don't think that it means you cannot wear nail polish after because it won't stick and it will all be a greasy affair. Au contraire!  I do not know what they put in it to make it oily but not greasy and remove the nail polish, but all I can say is: It works!

As it says, it contains no acetone or alcohol and is thus not at all flammable. Can you imagine how many nasty ingredients have been removed from this?

To be honest I do not know what they put in the oil to make it remove polish because it is indeed oil and this amazes me.

The brand who makes this glorious thing is called Kallos  and it's a Hungarian brand that you can check out also on and soon enough I'll show you some of their nail polishes too because they really are good quality ones. As a matter of fact, they've been some of the most long lasting polishes I own.

This is absolutely something I will keep buying over and over and I cannot believe how good it is to my nails.
What I can tell you is, if you can get your hand on this, go for it!                           

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  1. I know that Oil polish remover is good! I wrote a blogpost on oilremover pads a while back. They are a gift from heaven especially for dry nails indeed!!




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