Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week In Pictures #2

I've noticed you like these kinds of posts judging from last week, so today I figured I'd give it another go.
I'll warn you that this post is very food loaded and you might feel sudden urges to go stuff your face. Other than that, no other risk is present I hope.

The usual hot cocoa with cream/ DIY-ing the most amazing face mask with hibiscus and coconut
Kumato Tomato: probably the best veggie name ever given/ One could conclude I like lettuce 

 Late night cupcake baking

                            My colleague sent me that emo banana picture,I used my banana to reply/
I seem to have a little tomato obsession happening and that little container was perfect!

That was my week...clearly full of food. Link me to you picture weeks if you have some up!

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  1. Haha I love the banana picture x


    1. Thought it was a funny one too when I got it. And the girls who sent it to me, I like to call "The Mastah". Explains my banana reply



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