Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Avon Cherry Blossom, Pomegranate and Violet Body Spray

I don't use many Avon products but what I buy again and again are body sprays. Apart from the fact that they are pretty, there's a couple of them that smell simply incredible!

Last year, I tried the Violet and Lychee body spray and instantly got hooked on the smell. It's flowery but tender. The bottle from last year had lasted me until a couple of weeks ago, and I really used it a lot. Sure, the smell doesn't linger too much but it's simply gorgeous. Not to mention  that the price is unbeatable, so I have a tendency to stock up on new ones just for the sake of it, each time I get an Avon lady in near proximity.

Then, in December I tried the Cherry Blossom  body spray, which well...doesn't smell too much like cherry blossoms but it smells just as delicate and flowery as I like it.
I like my perfumes to be flowery but not annoyingly flowery. I like them to be subtle and feminine. And at least the two mentioned above are just that. They smell like girl.

The latest addition was Pomegranate Mango. This one smells a bit unnatural, in the sense that I don't think it smells like mango or pomegranate ( what does pomegranate smell like actually?) . It smells similar, if not exactly like a Fa Deo spray I had when I was 10. I think it came in a green bottle but I am almost certain this is that exact smell.
I don't dislike it, but I'm going to pick the flowery ones over this one anytime.

What I can assure you is that you haven't seen the last of these body sprays, as I've already ordered some new smells I want to try.

Have you ever tried any of their body sprays or already have a favorite you think I should try?

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