Saturday, June 22, 2013

Farmec Spring Nail Polish Collection and Swatches

You might not have heard of farmec, and that is a pity. They are a Romanian cosmetic brand that make surprisingly great nail polishes. I think the first nail polish that lasted more than 5 days on my nails was one of theirs. And now, they were lovely enough to send me all of their polishes from the Farmec Summer Collection *.

At first glance I looked a bit  suspicious at these little bottles because the colors didn't seem that summery, BUT as soon as I swatched them, I realized they were indeed Puh-retty awesome!

All of them are two coats. Just that the bright blue one wouldn't have needed a second coat, it covered perfectly on the first try.  The texture is absolutely brilliant, no streaks, no trouble, no issues.

From left to right  you have: 
Deep Dive - a really great deep blue with a gorgeous shimmer
Pool Party - doesn't look that electric now, but on the nails it reminds me of Nails Inc. Baker Street
Spring Break - a green that looks much deeper in the bottle but turns awesome on the nail
Exotic Dream - one of those coral reds that everyone should have at hand for summer
Flip Flop - definitely the girly one of the bunch but so pretty on the nails.Not pink, not neutral and not red.        Just pretty.
If you live in Romania, you have a list of shops that carry the polishes Right Here , if not, you can always get them online on the Farmec Website.
So what do you think of these nice colors?

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