Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week In Pictures # 21

Hello Hello and welcome back to your regular Week in Pictures schedule! This week was half London and half home, so it will have some London pictures in it, but stay tuned because next week the London Photo Diary will be up in its entirety. It was really really lovely to meet up with Grace and Kat who almost gave me a chocolate happy stroke in Liberty.

A respectable Monday begins with Pimm's O'Clock / And continues with rose lemonade.Delicious.

One cannot ignore Ben / The coconuts that almost killed my friend

Liberty London: What a department store should look like / And then the chocolate began...

My OCD was very content with this display / Shakespeare...and his floating head

The INCREDIBLE creations I got to wear yesterday / With the less than comfy shoes and the overdose of energy drinks

Those shoes! So much detail / Happy conclusion of a summer night

Hope you had a great week and a better one to follow! And stay tuned for the humongousness of London pics I'll have up next week 

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  1. How did the coconuts almost kill you friend?! Allergies? x

    1. Well she claims it killed her stomach, then she remembered she had her gallbladder removed haha

  2. Looks like you had a great week! :D

    1. I'm definitely missing it. Everyone needs a full on London week :)

    2. Or maybe just the vacation haha

  3. Happy you had a great week and I love the pictures. The drinks look delicious!!



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