Saturday, June 15, 2013

Do It While You Can!

Well folks, it's almost the end of June and that means Google Reader  is about to leave us. It also means that if you haven't done backup of the blogs you follow yet, you might not find them anymore starting next month. So that's why, I'd like to give you the saving option: Bloglovin

I've always liked Bloglovin more as there is more structure and you can follow any blog on any platform with just one account.  So if you want to keep seeing my cupcakes, nails and other tidbits here's the link for you:


Just Click on the little Lady and you will be able to follow me on Bloglovin.

Look forward to greeting you from now on with my Bloglovin' smile! :)


                                    You can also Follow on * Bloglovin *  Twitter * Facebook 


  1. Sad to hear the news but at least there's other ways to follow blogs now :)

    1. Yes sir! Thank goodness for that, it would have been sad to not have the alternative x



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