Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week in Pictures # 20

Hello Summer! is what I want this week to be themed. 33C and plenty o'sun has ensured a happy week-end. Not to mention the beauty expo happening yesterday and today which has made me a very happy camper. I have finally managed to find an eyebrow pencil that fits my color spot on and it was not an easy feat. So thank you Inglot and Inglot lady for thy hard work. 
A quick head's up also: there don't be a Week In Pictures post next week because I'll be in London and deprived of my laptop by choice, but I'll make it up double when I get back, so don't worry.

loki'd on a monday at the office, office loki office loki'd

The sweet manfriend came home all smiles with this bunch of roses last week / On Monday I needed a break from work so the computers ended up being Loki'd (if you're unfamiliar with what Loki'd is, Here's the Video ) 

You know me, the eternal sunset fan /  My new bar best buddies

Inglot stand, you pretty thing / The Chanel bottle nobody has the heart to finish

Went all out with the lilac on my toes / Does seem that I'm all set with Mario Badescu things to try   

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