Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week in Pictures # 19

Can you believe it's been 19 weeks already? I remember starting this thinking "this is fun, I should keep doing this" , and now look at it!This week has been quite productive, especially since I'm finally over and done with my cold and managed to get some running and biking in. There is no greater feeling than making your body work and then resting while still being completely energized. I really encourage anybody to try it and see how great it feels after. I know everyone says that and I know it's hard in the beginning, but with some perseverance you will be one very happy camper.
That was the motivational part of the story, now for the picture part

You might have noticed my love for sunsets by now | The essentials

It has been the week of oatmeal for sure | This is actually the view from my livingroom 

Overdosed on these things | Violet Chocolate? Mais oui!

The new pretty pots I cannot wait to use |  If I could take pictures of the sky for a living, I'd be set

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  1. Am luat si eu ghiveci cu lavanda din Auchan, il ador! Parca imi amintesc asa, ca prin vis, ca as fi vazut ciocolata asta cu violete. Cum e? :)

    1. asa-i? atata e de dragut!
      ciocolata sa stii ca e buna,chiar are aroma de violete,nu m-as fi gandit

    2. M-ai facut curioasa. Daca nu uit pana atunci, o iau si eu la urmatoarea vizita :D

    3. Si eu la fel sunt, daca nu-mi sare in fata,uit asa de usor :))

  2. Oh I really want to eat that fudge, so hungry right now x

    1. You know what's worse? Being fudgeless!




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