Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Little Obsession : Pots for Storage

Storage is a hard thing to find, and especially pretty storage. So my easy solution, for a while now, has been to find pretty pots and use them for all different kinds of things 

This gorgeous lavender pot came as a 2 in 1 deal, with a smaller one inside the bigger pot. In this case, I'm actually using the small pot for a plant but the bigger one...oh a bright future is in store(age) for it!

Then we have these incredibly lucky finds! They were sitting there on a shelf in a home decor shop and while passing my my neck kinda stayed behind, like in one of those cartoons where the face goes around the corner from the body to take another look. How pretty are these things! I now use them for make-up storage. One is for brushes and the other for my most used things.

And of course, the sick pot. Well, that was a bad way to put it, but it has held my essentials while I had the flu. Now it has some nail things and a hand cream because I tend to get an urge to moisturize my hands before bed. It's still sitting on my bedside table and it has the perfect size, shape and look for it.
I'm sure I would have never found any actual storage to fulfill the roles as great.

How about you, do you use pots the same way I do?

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  1. Great ideas for storage! Those pots are cure :)

    1. I'm always on the lookout and sometimes I start giggling when I see them in a shop :p

  2. Love the pictures :X


    1. Mersi mersi! :)
      Sper sa mai gasesc sa adaug la colectie!



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