Thursday, January 24, 2013

Japanese Newspaper Nails


I've been looking through my "you have yet to post this" folder and was very shocked to discover I had indeed now showed you this manicure. Also because I had done it sometime in December.
It's more like a print and not a manicure if we take it literally because it's newspaper nails, I just picked a non-English newspaper to do it with.

I don't know if you're familiar with newspaper nails. What you basically do is pick a newspaper, get some rubbing alcohol ( actually, I used whisky here), paint your nails in a white or gray base ( because you need a color that works as a canvas, black will never do), soak your nail in the alcohol for about 20-30 seconds, then press the newspaper against the nail.
BUT very important, don't do anything with your nails until the nail polish is dry!
If it's not dry and you put it in alcohol AND press something on it, you will most certainly end up with a big mush.

I had wanted to do a Japanese print on them for a long while. No disrespect to our alphabet, but it's everywhere and we see it every day, so this looked like a pretty cool twist.

Wish my nails would have been longer even back then, but it was the beginning of the "thou shalt not grow further" phase. Either way, I really like the  texture that got stamped on along with the writing.
It looks like it's a nail sticker if you judge by the pattern.

And a quick tip, I know most of you don't have access to any Asian newspapers, but actually, all you need is to Google an image of a newspaper that has proper writing on it, print it out and use it.
Newspaper makes the transfer easier but regular paper works just as well, you just might get some flakes of wet paper stuck to your nails at the end. Those are easy to remove though, just rub it off.

Have you ever tried newspaper nails?

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  1. Fantastic idea, even better that it's not in English because I'd be reading my nails constantly! I wonder what it says in Japanese though? Love the technique, might have to use this as an excuse to buy myself the biggest whiskey bottle out there... ;) xx


    1. Haha! I do that too! and you never get full words to fit on a nail and always wonder what the whole story was

  2. Joanna!!!! First off, I LOVE these!!!!! Perfect!!!!
    Second: I actually am about to do newspaper nails for the challenge and really wanted to do Asian print since English would 'stamp' in a illegible mirror image. Thank you for your tip with Google!!! I will definitely do that!!!!


    1. aw,thankyou!
      Go for Google! If you can print it on thinner paper, it's gonna work even better

  3. I've seen this before but never thought about using a foreign newspaper, looks so cool x


    1. I think maybe arabic would look very awesome too :D

  4. They look amazing! xx



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