Saturday, January 19, 2013

L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream

In winter, it's essential to moisturize any part of your skin that gets hit by the cold full on.
Especially when, like me, you mostly forget to wear gloves, your hands will get it. That's why I'm a fan of hand cream in general, but an avid user in winter.
For a long time I was sure I had the right hand cream, but when I tried this one, I was proven wrong.

I LOVE the consistency of this product! 
It's thick enough to feel nourishing but light enough to not leave any unpleasant residue.
For example, I always have cold hands, so after using a hand cream, it's really not nice to have cold and damp hands. No such thing with this. Goes right into the skin and stays there.

Guess what another plus is?
Yep, the Shea Butter. As far as ingredients do, that is one of the few things I really crave in creams. And in this one, you can really feel it.

All in All
I'm actually going to go get some more tomorrow, because I really find it to be greatly moisturizing and has almost 100% good ingredients. Full of oils and butters, it makes for a perfect protection for your hands in winter.

Do you have any favorite hand cream for winter?

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  1. I used some of a friends and I loved it but it's so expensive :( x

    1. I think it's definitely worth the investment. by the time you finish it, your hands won't really need it for a while either :)

  2. I absolutely love this hand cream too, I'm on my third one this winter :)



  3. I love this hand cream, it's lovely! xx

    1. As much as I like pretty smells, this one really gets the job done,even without smelling like roses
      (does smell lovely too tho :)

  4. Hey! as you like shea butter, do check our organic hand cream for dry hands.



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