Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Trends In 2012

There have been a couple of things that became big in the past year, so I decided to do a little "flashback" to see what we had last year and wonder what new things this year will bring.

BB Creams

This was definitely the year of BB Creams. Most, if not all, big brands have put out one and you can't deny that we had quite the choice when it came to picking. I actually waited until December before I got a BB cream, because I had enough time to read about all of them. But it was THE product of the year that everyone had to have.

Nail Effects

18k gold flakes, caviar nails, croc effect, studs, salt, pepper....everything worked this year. It might have been the year with the most options for manicures and I can't say it bothered me.

Fashion Week Nail Trends

Designers called and we listened. Nail trands went off the runway and into mainstream. Color block, french manicures with a twist, metallics, blood tip nails. They have all been big this year.


Everyone was wearing eyeliner! One of my favorite things, for the record, and I am very glad that more people started wearing it.
It's a simple way to get a sophisticated look. Wear it alone or with eyeshadows, the possibilities are endless and the result always beautiful!

Big Natural Eyebrows

Eyebrows became fuller again, rather than just a line drawn on your forehead. I'm a big fan of the natural look and I think that your natural brows suit your face best, as long as they're groomed. We're not encouraging monobrows, so don't worry.
I really like this particular trend.Now, my eyebrows are not this thick but I definitely like them more in their natural state.

Nude Make-Up Looks

Less is more and less is definitely more beautiful in this case.Another trend I'm all for: natural looking make-up. The barely there effect that leaves your face looking natural. Hope it continues!

Natural Products

Another thing I was happy about was the growing wish of people to use natural and organic body care products. I mean, you only have one skin and get no spare parts, so why not take care of it the best way you can and the best way for your skin?
I bet you know by now I'm an avid Shea Butter and Face Oil user, so I hope this tendency of using natural products is growing.


You'd think Oxblood was the color of the year, judging by the humongous buzz created around it in the fall.It was everywhere, on your lips, on your nails, on your eyes, not to mention you were wearing it. It was definitely the color of the past fall.

And lastly

Celebrities Discovered Nail Art

Some more crazy than others, but it was the year where celebs started posting their nails on Twitter more than ever. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kesha, Demi Lovato, everyone was showing off nails.

Do you have any favorite trends from the ones above? Or do you have a totally different one?

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  1. I think you pretty much covered it all!
    Great summary!

    1. Thankyou! I'm curious what next year will bring!

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  3. Great post!Very useful,thank you!Kisses



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