Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser Review

Last month I was on a serious quest for a face cleaner. I already had found the Vichy Eye Make-up Remover  that I will not be giving up too easy, but I also wanted something that could clean the rest of my face properly.

So one day  I entered a Marionnaud store and saw this tube, of a brand I had not heard of before.After doing some online research, I found out that Good Things is a brand specifically designed for young skin and likes to keep their ingredients nice also. 

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleaner Review
According to instructions, you need to put this creamy gel on your face, massage it in for about a minute and then not wash it, but remove it with a wet cloth.

Because of its pomegranate extract, it doesn't dry out your skin. Which is actually the case. Even if I have skin so dry that it sometimes "pulls at the seams" , it did not feel like that after using this cleanser.
Truth of the matter is, I only use actual make-up for my eyes, so the rest of my face just needs to be cleaned from all sorts of junk that lands on it during the day like dust and other dirt.
I could see on the cloth that it looked quite gray a couple of times.So it does a good job.

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser Review

After staring to use the Bioderma Sensibio Water I discovered I like my cleansers on the liquid side, but it does not mean this one is not good. I'm just less for cream and more for fluidity.

The ingredients are quite impressive also. As you can see on the front of the tube, it is free from SLS and mineral oils, which is a good thing to avoid, especially on your face.It also has a lot of good extracts and oils.

All in All
I think it is a great product to try if you are looking for a creamy cleanser, because it does the cleaning and it does the freshness, not to mention it doesn't dry out your face.(but don't rub that wet cloth on your face, because then you're not helping anyone)
I think it might be even more perfect if you're in your teens and want something to keep the skin clean.

Have you eve tried this cleanser or other products from Good Things? And what is your favorite cleanser?

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  1. Thanks nice post :) Since you think its more for younger kids I will probably keep looking. Have a great day :)


    1. I think it's perfect for young kids but it also does a great job on a bit "older" skin, if you can call that in your twenties :P

  2. Great review! xx



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