Thursday, July 5, 2012

Poppin Neon : China Glaze Summer Neons Surfin' For Boys

My neons are here! I have been looking everywhere for my dream neon. And the dream neon can be described as "popping wow color!" (coherent,I know).
Luckily for me,the nice people at China Glaze had the same idea and with the help of Mihaela over at Lacquerbuzz their idea got on my nails too.
I had found a nice pink neon in winter,but was still on the prowl for a gorgeous summer coral shade.And I can now safely say: THIS IS IT.

China Glaze Summer Neons : Surfin For Boys

When I applied it last night,I thought "well...this is more shiny than neon" but I was very mistaken. When I switched lighting I realized how neon this thing actually is. And it is perfect!

I have another of their neons: Hang Ten Toes - a very promising looking pink And that one will be up here soon. But for now,I'm enjoying my wonderfully summery nails!


  1. Well it looks great on you! Would look awful on my skin tone. And I know that it's much much brighter in reality!

    1. It's surprising how in some light it looks very tame and then in others it just pops

  2. imi place si mie nuanta asta de mult :) te pup



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