Sunday, December 16, 2012

Favorite Lip Balms This Winter

Winter means cold and cold means not so happy lips, so here's my top picks on how to help your sensitive skin areas face the cold.
rosebud strawberry lip balm avidermaliv balsam dr organic rose otto lip balm serum smooth operator paw paw  balm favorite winter lip balms

Let's start with the eldest, in other words, the one I've been using for the longest time.
The Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm.

rosebud strawberry lip balm

I had heard a lot of great things about this one but the issue was I didn't know where to get it exactly so when I saw it in the store I grabbed it right away.
I was incredibly impressed with it!
I think, to this day it's the lip balm that stays longest on my lips and has made a great difference last winter. I've really abused it and there still is plenty left, which is a serious plus. You use and use and still have a lot left.
Now on the other hand, if you're not into Petrolatum you won't want to use this,because that's one of 4 ingredients on offer.

All in all this one smells so delicious and gives your lips a whole new softness if you apply it at night and let it work until the morning.And even in daylight, it's equally great for your lips.

paw paw smooth operator lip balm
The Smooth Operator Paw Paw Balm I was lucky enough to get in a swap with Rebecca. It seems to be a very well known product Down Under and it really is impressive.
Paw Paw, also known as Papaya, is the main ingredient in here and compared to the Rosebud Balm it is much less thick...obviously ( it comes in a tube after all).
It doesn't stay on your lips as long as the Rosebud balm, but it does a ton of good! You can literally feel your lips liking what you put on them.
All in all , even if it's on the lighter side, consistency wise, it's still a great thing to have in your bag in winter.

dr organic rose otto lip balm serum

I think I got the Dr Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum about a month ago, which was right before cold hit and I'm glad I did that!
The great thing about is that this balm has protecting and anti aging qualities to it, so it's perfect for winter, not to mention it's my kind of lip product, with ingredients you can count on one hand!

All in all, I find this to be the ideal balm for winter. It's full of great ingredients that really work. And you truly just need a drop to apply on your lips and still have some left.

Last but not least, my youngest addition to the collection:

apidermaliv complex apicol lip balm balsam buze

The Apidermaliv Lip Balm which has my favorite things in it: honey, olive oil and royal jelly. And that's about it. There really is no preservative to it.
What impressed me about it was the fact that I had broken, cracked, beyond dry lips when I got this one at a beauty bloggers meeting to try. I took a quick look at the ingredients, liked what I saw and tried it.
By the next day, my half dead lips were almost as good as new! And that is a great accomplishment.

All in all this is one of my favorites, the problem is, after opening it, the beneficial properties of the royal jelly only last about a week, which I have noticed on my lips. The oilve oil and honey still stay great, but you can mix that in a bowl at home too and put it on your lips.
But what this balm has managed in terms of repairing my lips, no other has managed in such a short time.

What about you, do you have any lip favorites?

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  1. Nu am avut probleme cu buzele uscate niciodata, dar imi place colectia ta :D cred ca o sa il incerc si eu pe cel de la apidermaliv



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