Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Polish Geometry: Star Wars Nails

Polish Days are upon us again! Talk about nail posts huh? You wanted nails, here's some more! :)

This time, with school starting, the theme that got chosen was Geometry.
Now you might think, "how on earth am I doing geometry on my nails?" and that was my first thought too, but then I decided to go a bit futuristic, if you can call it that.

The design is pretty basic, but the geometry that I went for was : STAR WARS
I used their writing, who indeed looks very geometric, and really hope there's no hardcore fans who will say that I ruined the Aurebesh alphabet by using it on my nails, but give a girl a break, you don't learn calligraphy in one day either .

Don't ask me to translate what my nails say, because I suspect there's some serious alien gibberish happening, not to mention a big chance of grammatical errors.

I went with black and white because as far as geometry goes, in my mind, the more monochromatic, the better.
And my index finger also reminded me of a Stormtrooper.

I think I'll try this again sometime because I had a lot of people going "Wow! What's that?" so it's definitely an eye catcher!

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  1. star wars. i bow down to you. xx

    1. hehe,why thank you! My calligraphy isn't ideal,but we're aliens,so hey! x

  2. haha, watch out for those alien phone calls now!!! =)))
    This is so creative!!! I love it!!

    1. They'll sue me for destroying their beautiful alphabet haha

  3. Woooot! This geek girl loves the Star Wars Geometry thing! You've got talent.

  4. Amazing nails!! Looks really awesome!


    1. They look really cool from afar too,maybe even cooler :P



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