Monday, July 30, 2012

All Natural: Quick Beauty Fixes!

Beauty does not only mean "What products can I put on to mask imperfections?". It means caring for yourself in such a way that you will be healthy and that it can reflect on the outside.
We all know that saying about beauty coming from the inside but the process of getting that inner balance can take a while. It is also 100% worth it,so never back away from it just because it isn't a quick fix!

We also know that today,the "quick fix" is a global favorite,so I decided to show you some great quick fixes that I use. And the best part about it: THEY'RE ALL NATURAL!

Let's start with EYES

I have a tendency of getting tired eyes really fast and really often and I also get dark circles under them. The problem is,when my eyes get tired,a headache is just around the corner.
But worry not! For I have found the quickest and most effective fix for it. And when I say quick I mean INSTANTLY !

Meet The Cucumber.
This young fellow cools,calms,reduces puffiness and dark circles. Perfect you say? Pretty much!
For me,it really is the one thing that is guaranteed to work.

Slap on two slices and you're ready to go. I like to cut them progressively thinner,from edge to middle,so that the side you put exactly under your eyelid is thinner and stays on more comfortably. Like so:

We move on to the FACE

Whenever I have some time,I cut a slice of fruit and rub it all over my face. It's a fast face mask and it is 100% natural,organic and vegan. Can't get any better,can it?
Just leave it on for 10-20 minutes (even more if you have the time) , then rinse with water and gently dry your face.

My fruit of choice is The Mango.
It is absolutely packed with vitamins ( The antioxidant Vitamin A and C, plus Vitamins B1,B2,B5,B6,B9 ) And it's suitable for any skin type. My skin is fairly dry and sensitive and I can tell you for a fact that it loves the mango. My face and Mango are potential bff's.

Cut a slice and rub it all over your face. Your skin will look healthier and in case you were pale,you will get a nice color correction from it too,leaving you looking less white and more sun kissed.Quick fix or what?!

Now to show some love to the HAIR

You might not know this,but there is one thing out there that can work as doping for your hair,giving it vitamins and nutrients and leaving it strengthened and shiny.
I bet you have no idea you probably even had it for breakfast!

Wanna know what it is? Coffee!

Yes,you heard me! Coffee and your hair will get along very, very well.

Here's what you have to do:

- Make about one cup of coffee and let it cool before using it. It doesn't need to be cold,just not as hot as to burn your skin
- Take it with you to the shower :)
- Do your regular hair washing routine (shampoo,conditioner, etc) and rinse
- When you are done and have finished your shower, pour the cup of coffee over your hair
- DO NOT RINSE OFF!  You have to leave it in your hair. It is the crowing moment of your hair routine.
- Dry your hair off. If you are doing it with a towel,make sure you use one of a darker color, as the coffee in your hair is likely to leave some stains on white towels.
- Enjoy your new brilliantly strengthened hair!

I'll also do another post soon about how coffee can make your skin look amazing,so stay tuned!

Last but not least, THE ALL-ROUNDERS

I think we've all heard about this one and we've all used it on one way or another: 
Olive Oil

Nature's little all-round miracle.
I use it on my face as a moisturizer (sometimes combined with other oils also), on my nails for strengthening (they need love too), on my hair, also for moisturizing (but use small amounts,or your hair will be greasy even after you wash it off) and of course on my salad.
Just make sure it is cold pressed and bio olive oil. This really is one thing you should pay more for, as it guarantees quality,and that is something you need if you're gonna use it all over your body

One more thing you might not know about it it has a natural SPF(Sun Protection Factor).

Of course,it is not a high SPF.Olive oil has one of the lowest (raspberry  and carrot seed oil having one of the highest,raspberry between 28 and 50 and the carrot seed oil between 38 and 40), so don't go to the Mediterranean and sit in the sun with only olive oil rubbed on you.
But it can help you get a nice tan in the spring sun and it also keeps your skin from drying out. I also occasionally use it as a body lotion,but only when I have enough time to let it sink into my skin.

Another all-round product I very much enjoy is Majoram

This yummy spice is full of Vitamin C,D and B3 and tastes insanely good in cooked foods and salads!
What you can also do is make an infusion (aka tea:put dried leafs in hot but not boiling water and leave them for 5 minutes). You can either drink it and get some inner benefits like better circulation,or you can use it as a face wash. It's really effective in calming your skin down if it's itchy or just feels uncomfortable.

Hope you've enjoyed this first natural post and learned some new things. I have some more natural tips for you that I can share in a future post.

Stay healthy!


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  2. This is really useful, thank you! I now want to raid the fridge for some cucumber, also that little tip is really helpful (about cutting them thinner so they sit better!) I am a recent follower via the blog hop :)

    1. I've been following you for a while already hehe. nice coinkidink!

      as for the slices,took me a couple of attempt to see that thin is good in this case. hope it works comfortably for you too and don't slice any finger! :P

  3. Great very quick fixes! Might try the mango method :D



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