Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Polish Obsession: Mint Nail Polishes

Last week, my Pretty Photos post was about my favorite color : mint. You can see the pretty pretty photos HERE          
Well, since the fact that I like that color very much is out,  I decided to show it to you in nail polish form.

australis sweetpea barry m mint green benecos expressive mint herome mini mavala aquamarine rival de loop 55 swatch nail polishes

I used to think "why does one need more polishes of one color?" but when it comes to this one, each shade is a different kind of awesome.
Here's what we have.

Australis Sweetpea that I used to to This Manicure
Barry M Mint Green  I used to do the Rose Nails
Benecos Expressive Mint
Herome Mint Mini I swatched Here
Mavala Aquamarine
Rival de Loop No 55

I think some of my Rimmel polishes might qualify as mint, but they have more of a blue tendency compared to these.

What's your polish obsession?
I have a couple of them but I always have a VERY hard time passing by a mint polish.

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  1. I think my obsession with nail polish is definitely pink! I just can't so no to a good pink! I think I have a similar problem with orange!
    I am beginning to really fall in love with mint though (especially after seeing your pics hehe!)


    1. I used to be obsessed with finding the perfect coral color.Failed for a long time but then I found a China Glaze neon that was neon and coral. Puuuurfection!

  2. Lovely colours! I love mint, I have two mint nail polishes too. They suit every colour.
    My obsession is definitely red. There are so many shades, I need every single one!



    1. I have that too with red, it's like there's always a more awesome shade after the one you just got haha

  3. I love mint! literally, I own so many mint polishes i just can't control myself hahaha!

  4. I love mint too! It's such a fabulous color!

  5. Please do a benecos swatch!! I would LOVE to see the mint color! I already have way too many polishes but I just saw this one and don't know if I can keep my addiction in check!

    Just did a review on Ice Ice Baby- it is loveeely!! :



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