Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Absolute Beauty NO-GOs

I think all of us have our pet peeves when it comes to beauty and beauty products. I'm sure each of you has at least one of those things that will make you go OH NO! and will result in making you less than happy.
Well,so do I.That's why I made a list of the things I really dislike, be it the attributes of a specific product, the frustration that some others give,or simply things that I cannot believe can happen to someone who says they like beauty and like to take care of themselves.

To the right, you can see my TOP 6 "Please don't!"s, starting with my personal frustration and obvious incapacity of applying mascara when you give me a rubber brush and ending with the cringing that always happens when I see people walking around with chipped nail polish, or even worse, just a bit of nail polish remaining on their nails!
I'm going to go into detail with each of them as we go along, and I'm going to be very curious what your pet peeves are, once I'm done.

Rubber Bristles on Mascaras and Plastic Hairs on Brushes

They wanna make me use all those things but I said No,No,No!
1. I mean it! Don't give me a mascara that has rubber bristles. I might not be good at applying it, or my eyelashes simply don't fully understand its good intentions, I really do not know, but I can tell you that my lashes never look good when such a mascara brush touches them. They end up clumpy, stuck together, and all in all not too pretty. I always get a feeling that they are super heavy and it's very uncomfortable. I've tried. I've tried time and time again to give it one more try, but it just doesn't apply right. Sorry rubber bristles, but I don't like you.

2.  I suspect I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of plastic hairs on brushes that you are supposed to apply your make-up up evenly with. It never works. The powder doesn't stick well, it does everything but apply it evenly and when you clean it, it's like cleaning saran wrap. Once again, I'm sorry but you are not touching me again.

Awful Smelling Lip Balms and The Sudden Shock in Your Hair

3. I'm a big fan of lip balms but when I opened this therapeutic little fellow I felt like I just entered a housewife's living space during spring cleaning. It smelled like orange toilet cleaner mixed with bleach and some other chemicals I can only imagine carpets are being cleaned with. This thing has never touched my lips simply because the smell put me off so bad that I couldn't even imagine letting it come in contact with any part of my body.
It's especially disappointing when you look forward to using a product and the smell is just so bad that it robs you of any and every joy you might have had. Not funny.

4. Has THAT ever happened to you? If you have long hair like me, then I'm pretty sure it has. You're just minding your own business, trying to get that hair in a pony tail as tight as possible so it doesn't move when you run to where you have to be in 5 minutes and BAM! your trusty hair elastic pops open and becomes double in size and close to breaking. Hair is not gonna sit well and you know it can and will break when you least need it to.
The imminent death of the elastic is one of those laws that Mr. Murphy would have mentioned if he would have been a woman, I am sure!

and last but not least

Inefficient Razors and Chipped Nails

5. We've all been there: jumping in the shower in the morning, grabbing the new razor we have just purchased and having high hopes that it will work with us as a perfect human-razor team, like the higher powers had intended it. Ah, but not so fast! Razor has other plans! You do a first shave just to find that half of what shouldn't be there is still there. You do another shave to find that the other half is now somewhat gone, but your skin is looking at you and asking why you've attempted to kill it. At this point, all you want to do is take the razor and throw it away, all the while wondering why can't you just do your job?

6. If you want to make me cringe, you just have to show me chipped nails and someone wearing them proudly. Still can't fully understand how someone can have no problem with the polish on the tips having  long left the building.
I intentionally chipped off my tips in the photo above and took the polish off immediately after, just in case you were wondering. The things we do for art, don't you think?
In my opinion, a manicure is done so that nails can look well-groomed and neat, not so hat they look even worse than before. I also have problems seeing nails with just a splat of color left somewhere in the middle of them. For me, it's just not pretty. Keep it tidy or take it off.

These have been my ultimate No-Gos when it comes to beauty, maybe you will agree with some and maybe you can tell me about yours! What are your pet peeves when it comes to beauty?

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  1. Love this post, I agree with you about all of these but especially number four! Its happened to me loads of times when i've been out somewhere, so annoying. And havent even been able to wear my hair down properly afterwards where the ponytail has left a big kink lol x

    1. It's so awful when it happens,isn't it? Your whole hair plan goes down the drain and you start feeling uncomfortable whichever way your hair goes x

  2. Chanel INIMITABLE mascara is one of the best mascaras I ever used. So it depends on type of mascara. And I was skeptic about rubber bristles.

    1. I usually like Chanel too,gonna post a bout it in a bit, but those bristles don't work on my lashes,whatever the formula is

  3. #3 and #4 made me laugh. . . but definitely something I can relate to! Your description of the lip balm smell has given us all fair warning, I'm sure :)

    1. I swear to you,it's the worse smell you'll ever experience on something that's supposed to be "therapeutic". If it would be an incense,it would be used to cause seizures hehe

  4. oo how weird, I seem to ONLY get on with rubber bristles. I also hate hate hate those little crappy razors, I'll only use the veet venus ones ( if I have to shave!) xoxo

    1. I think they discriminate against women,as two blade razors will be inefficient most of the times and yeah Venus is the way to go.I personally steal the boyfriend's razors every now and then :P

  5. I have issues with rubber mascara bristles and plastic hair brushes as well. Urgh... these make up the stuff of my cosmetic nightmares!
    I have zero tolerance for mascaras that smudge. It has to be really waterproof or fiber mascara that stays on until I need it off.

    1. Hello fellow fibre mascara lover! I too only use that anymore.Don't know if you've seen my post about it,but Eyeko's Fat Brush Mascara is waterproof AND fibre. It's a match made in heaven!
      I'm also gonna be doing a "fibre mascara love" post next week,so stay tjooned! :)

  6. Love this post! I used to hate rubber bristels as well, but now my favourite mascara ever (max factor masterpiece) has one too and i cant do without it! Though i have to say that other mascaras with rubber bristels are dramatic. It always ends with one big clump, usually stuck to the bottom lashes..

  7. Great post, I enjoyed reading it!



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