Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Would Elvis Use?

They say girls have more products than they need, and yet, when I was shown this cabinet,which belongs to a guy,I had to take a moment to count the hair products. On a closer look,you will see that they all are pretty much only there to do one thing : Style the hair.

Quite a few of them,aren't there?

In this particular post I will just show you the one I thought was the coolest:

The Pomade Elvis Used!

I was just as fascinated about this piece of information as you probably are now. This is why I did a bit of digging. It seems that,according to historians, it is indeed what Elvis used to put on his hair:

Royal Crown Hair Dressing 

This Hair Dressing is actually a pomade.A pomade is used to give the hair a slick and shiny appearance,so it does seem plausible for The King to have used it back then.
Unlike hair gels or sprays,this thing does not dry on your hair,thus giving it the shiny look,and it takes a couple of washes to properly get out.

What I really like about it are the Ingredients. A grand total of  3 !
Petrolatum ( also known as Petroleum Jelly) 
Olive Oil 

The story is that they have not changed their recipe ever since they founded the company,which is pretty respectable if it is true. It means it has worked and continues to work,and very few products can claim that.

In the end,this is something for you if you aim for Elvis Like Hair or just slick and shiny in general. The texture is quite thick,so don't think you'll get away with a "light" feel to your locks. But if Elvis did it,so can you!

Hope the gentlemen amongst you enjoyed this little blast from the past that is still firmly anchored in the present. And I hope the ladies now know that men too need many products for their many hair need.

Let me know if you want me to write about the other products in that drawer. I know some have names that really would like you to know more,don't they?


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