Friday, November 16, 2012

Eye Of The Day: Keepin it Frosty

I've been using the phrase "stay frosty" way too much lately, but I still find it to be good one.
In case you wonder, it's a good replacement for "keep calm" or "keep cool".
And with so much frosty talk, I decided one morning to put the frosty on the outside.
I know that autumn is still about warm orange and brown tones ( like you have had the chance to see in my Pretty Pictures - The Autumn Edition - Post , but the weather wasn't looking so stunning and it was definitely more winter than autumn. So here's what I did:

I was quite impressed by the actual frosty sheen this blueish silver delivered  and the darker shade on top looked much like they were made for eachother.

I should exercise the "close your eye in a relaxed manner, not looking like you're trying real hard to keep it closed" pose, maybe I won't look like a wrinkly dog next time I do a shot of my closed eye.

Of course, it looks a bit more like a winter look,and I'm pretty sure it would work wonderfully with  my Snow Queen Nails , but I'm back to warmer tones until my skin still looks like it has seen the sun in its lifetime.

What do you think, hit or miss with this one? Or a definite almost?

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  1. I love it, looks gorgeous! When I do shots of my eyes closed, I try to arch my eyebrow as much as possible hehe!

    1. I did that too,I think next time I have to hold it up haha.
      It's a problem when one eyes open and one closed, the other kinda wants to open too



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