Friday, November 9, 2012

What's In My Travel Bag and About Traveling Essentials

I've been away for a bit over a week and have had to live out of my backpack, and my makeup bag respectively.
So I decided to show you what I took with me and what I think you should always have with you.

what's in my travel bag rimmel mememe l'oreal eyeko fat brush lumi magique garnier deo eyelash curler
 I just use some basics on a daily basis, and when traveling they sometimes become even less but what I do need are:
- deodorant
- face oil
- tinted moisturizer for during the day
- mascara
- eyelash curler

The first three keep my skin happy and keep me fresh. The last two contribute to the pretties.
I also like having some sort of highlighter, like the MeMeMe Highlighter you can read all about  HERE and a concealer. I just gotten the Catrice concealer palette when I took the picture and it was before I had reviewed it HERE . Before that, and now still, I was and am very impressed by the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer .

Of course all of these items are your choice, I just think the deo should be mandatory for every trip.
But let's get to the items I believe you need.

travel essentials nail file face brush eyebrow brush pinsette eyelash curler nail clipper

Nail File

Murphy knew it and we know it. Things always happen when you're unprepared so the chances of a nail breaking or chipping are much higher while traveling. Also because you have to deal with a lot of new situations and nails might break just because, so having the saving instrument is always a good idea.

Nail Clipper

The safe alternative. When traveling by plane you're likely to get in trouble for carrying scissors with you, so  having something you can trim your nails with that you're allowed to carry on you on all means of transportation can come in handy.


There will always be a little rebel hair that will be bothering you and I tell you from experience, you will want to remove it sooner rather than later.
It has also happened to me that I got a wood splitter in my finger and tweezers saved the day.

Eyebrow Brush

It's the easiest way to get those brows in order if you don't have a brow kit with you. At least you can give them some shape and direction.

Makeup Brush

You never know what you need it for and you can use it for almost anything. Creamy product, powder, lipstick and even for eyeliner if you make it wet and use the thinnest point of the tip.

Eyelash Curler

I find it to be a very useful thing. It opens up your eyes and can make you look more awake in a second.Even if you have no makeup on, it still makes you look more fresh.

What about you, what are your essentials?

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  1. I have hundreds of nail files but can never find one when I want one or I take it out of my bag and never put it back. I've started taking a clipper around as well now, just so I can clip those annoying splits and not chew on them (thus wrecking my nails). x

    1. I never have it in my actual bag and if something happens I have to ask around, talk about being clever haha
      But in my travel bag I always have it.
      I chew o n broken nails too,because when they break they have that awful shape you need to correct :P



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