Thursday, November 15, 2012

October Favorites

Guess who's late, late again?
Yes I'm late, tell a friend!

Well yes, my October Favorites are being presented a bit after the end of October but I've only now gotten around to it.
I promise to do it sooner next month.

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Let's start with the face.
Much like last month, I've been liking what the Organic Rose Water Face Toner and my trusty Sheepmilk Tinted Moisturizer have been doing. Even in Holland weather (which implies numerous and continuous little hits of rain, hale and other atmospheric disturbances) my face managed to keep its cool and still stay hydrated. Which is a big deal to me, since my skin is dry and the colder it gets, the more moisture it needs.
I've started adding some apricot oil to this whole routine, where I apply the oil before the tinted moisturizer for an extra splash of moisture.

Still on the face, the Paw Paw Lip Balm has been delivering some great results ever since I started using it. I just got a Dr. Organic Lip Serum, for the colder times in life and think I'm going to be alternating between the two.
Keep you posted I shall.

Of course, my trusty Eyeko Fat Brush Mascara makes another appearance. Ever since I got it in July, we've been real good friends. Let's see what mascara can change that.

And last but not least, the nails.
Autumn makes me like the pastels and the metallics.So I find this pretty nude to be just the thing. It's Essie Brooch the Subject and it's remarkably nude! Really liked wearing it.
And of course, the dupe of all dupes, the lizard in Peridot clothing Catrice Genius in a Bottle. I didn't think I'd like it this much, but in two quick layers, it went right up my list of likes.

And what my hands have been really proud about is the I love....Raspberry and Blackberry Hand Cream. Not only does it smell too delicious to handle, it also has nice ingredients in it and has been the best at keeping my hands safe from dryness.

What about you, what have your favorites been this past month?

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  1. Nu cunosc toate produsele, dar descrierea ta suna foarte bine. Oja Catrice este una speciala si potrivita pentru acest sezon!



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