Saturday, November 24, 2012

Metallic Half Moon Nails

This is the first time I try this, and  was meaning to do them with proper tools but ended up improvising big time.
For the record, these nails were created yesterday morning around 7am.
This half moon manicure is a challenge some Romanian bloggers had started and I said, why not? Had been meaning to do it for a while but always postponed it, so since I had a bit of a push this time, it finally came to pass.
nyx robotic w7 blue mirror half moon nails

I used NXY Robotic that I also showed you in the Halloween Nails I did and on top we have the now legendary W7 Blue Mirror I did a post on Here.
The idea was to have a light color on top and a dark one at the bottom. I think I succeeded quite well,no?
You don't want to know what served as half moon helpers, because even I was surprised they look this decent.
I do hope you like them though and I'm sure next time I do them you will see an improvement.
Going to have to do them on longer nails also, as I find this manicure to look best on long nails.

And here's also the other gals taking part in splitting moons in half :)

  1. Theo
  2. Dee
  3. Adelina Radu
  4. Little Beauty Bag
  5. Mihaela
  6. Catallina
  7. Liz

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