Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pretty Photos: Candles

Pretty Photos time and that means I get to pick a pretty thing again.
What I picked today is another one of my obsessions: Candles
I like the light, I like the smells, I like the idea of them, I like the tranquility, I just like everything about candles, except for the part where you burn things when you're not paying attention.
But let me show you some pretty pictures featuring these beautiful things.

 I know, quite a bit of Yankee Candles, but they smell so incredible!

How delicately gorgeous is this one? I would probably just sit next to it in awe for whoever created such a pretty thing.

 I'd like to pick and choose from here, wouldn't you?

 And here we have the epitome of perfection: Tea and Candles

And a last one.

Hope you liked looking at them as much as me, and next week there's some more pretties coming up. If you want to suggest a theme for Pretty Pictures, feel free!

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  1. not just pretty photos, awesome! <3

    cand de black friday a cazut lumina de doua ori: o data vreo doua ore si a doua oara mai putin, cine juca table la lumina lumanarilor? :D

    1. poate era reducere si la lumina si toti s-au bagat :))
      Mie asa imi place sa sting tot si sa las numa lumanarile. superb!

  2. I love Yankee Candles! Au atatea sortimente de Craciun!

    1. Si ce bine miros! Eu am decis sa-mi iau mirosurile si sa-mi mesteresc singura lumanarile,sa vedem ce se intampla. Poate pusca bucataria :))

  3. I love the amount of Lauren Conrad books present. Such pretty photos. :) x

    1. Hehe,didn't notice the second one to be honest,good catch!

  4. Such gorgeous photos, I love candles so much :) xx

  5. Le vreau! Pe toate! Din ce poze ai ales pari asa o romantica :D Da nu-i un lucru rau. Dimpotriva. :D



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