Sunday, November 18, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day : Favorite Piece of Clothing

This week we have Favorite Piece of Clothing
And that is a marvelous coinkidink ,because you know what I like a lot? Dresses!

If you'd lock me up in a store and told me to just go ahead and pick things, I will most likely run to the dresses first. Which is remarkable, because everyone who has known me since my teens or earlier will tell you that back then, they would have never imagined I'd ever wear a dress.
Can't tell you what changed, but I've become overly fascinated by dresses.

Fav piece of clothing

First up, how gorgeous is that sequin and feathers Marchesa dress?
The rest of them are dressed I'd wear during the day or at the office, like he lacey cream dress, or the black lace one. The stretch black and white contour dress is a pretty powerful piece also, if you ask me.I can see a number of shoes and coats working with it.
The studded black sleeveless dress would work really well with a leather coat and boots, so I might go look for it, now that my brain has created the full outfit.

As for the other three, the Marchesa, purplish black sequin Mango dress and the sleevless sequin and jersey one, they can work really well for a night out or some other event.
Clearly they're the less casual of the bunch.

I'm not one to follow trends religiously, so if I like something from last year, I'm not going to convince myself to ignore it because of its creation date, that's why it's not just trends piled up in this collage.

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Here's what the other ladies did :)

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I hope you liked it and I wonder, what's your favorite piece of clothing?

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  1. I do love a good dress. They make me feel so much more put together. Like if I'm in a rush I'll just put on a dress and some lipstick and even if my hair is a mess and I'm not wearing anymore makeup I still feel presentable. My favourite out of these is the cream lace dress x



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