Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polish Days: MANicure

Polish Days are back!

Well, this month, being the month of MOvember, we celebrate the manlier things in life.

The theme was MANicure and even if you say I didn't think outside the box, I ask you
 "Did anyone else give their man a manicure?"

My point excactly!

My first thought was : I should put a mustache on my nails!
But I have a feeling some of you might have done that.
Then I figured drawing men on my nails isn't all that fun to do, and other types of nails on a woman that should have a manly hint aren't too pretty in my head.

So why not do a good deed?
Give the man a manicure!

Man got his nails did!

Filed them all into shape, slapped on some cuticle butter and even put a coat of hardener on, just in case.
I have a feeling the hardener will disappear with his first visit to the bathroom, for he knows where the polish remover resides, and it is a bit too shiny for the average man, but the nicely filed and moisturized nails and cuticles remain.

Tell me, how pretty is this?

Also, I really like manafriends hands, so this is just an official reason to show them off on the blog too.

That's as far as my MANicure goes this month, next month I'll be back to showing you my own nails for the Polish Days, but til then, have a look at the creations of the other ladies taking part

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  1. I LOVE this, nice cuticles!

    1. Naturally pretty,right? I would put polish on him so gladly haha

  2. Duude you're crazy! And the manfriend deserves a medal!

  3. What a great idea, he's great for letting you do his nails! x

    1. I think he secretly enjoyed it a weeeee bit hehe

  4. I'm happy to see someone with EXACTLY the same idea as me,
    I gave my hub a mani too *hahaha*
    Hurrah the nice-looking hand!!

  5. This is what I would call a MAN- icure! :-)



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