Friday, November 30, 2012

This or That? Avocado Vs Avocado Face Mask

Couple days ago, I was sitting there looking at the avocado I was about to prepare and I noticed one of my face masks in the corner. It was also an avocado face mask, or so it said.

I then started thinking, why do we always go for the pretty packaged things and discredit the ingredients?

I mean ok, sometimes it's safer to process certain ingredients so that they are less risky when applied to your skin. Like lemons. You'll most likely want a lemon extract and not the zest that might sting like there's no tomorrow.
My skin can take a lot, I'd dare to say it can take almost anything without reacting, but I'm sure not everyone is like me, so of course I don't encourage zesting yourself.
This begs the question though: if it irritates and it's not naturally your skin's buddy, why do people insist on making it? It's like one of those comics when someone pushes two dolls nose in nose and aggressively says "now kiss!". If it's not naturally friendly, maybe it's not meant to be on your face in the end.

In this case though, we have the avocado. And the avocado is basically fat with vitamins.It's something you can probably slap on quite carelessly on your face. And it works. At least for me. I get a slice and rub it on my face quite often to be honest. It's easy and it does a great job, as I have pretty dry skin.

The mask on the other hand...well it's some avocado and then 10 other ingredients in order to keep the avocado feeling jolly. 
See, not even the avocado wants so be in there.
Of course, since I have it, I will be using this mask too, I just might not do it as often as I'd use the actual avocado.

For me, I'll always go for that which has less ingredients and is less processed. Which, much like food, should be the instinctive choice.Why wouldn't you use the same reasoning like for the products you let inside you, for the ones you put on you?
It seems fair to me.

So in this case, the avocado is a clear winner. 
What do you think?

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  1. Great post. I definitely prefer to use natural ingredients to packaged face masks. You never know what's in them! xx

    1. Like I said,my skin can take a lot,but why test its patience? You might do an overconfident experience one day that leaves you regretting it for a long time



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