Saturday, March 30, 2013

New In My Closet


I've haven't yet done a post on clothing or anything much other than beauty and cupcakes. One does not simply ignore cupcakes.
Well, recently, I've ventured into new territory: buying shoes online.
Even in real life I need to try and try shoes on again before getting them, so you can understand why ordering them online was a pretty big leap of faith. Luckily, it all turned out well and the shoes were just right.
So after taking such revolutionary steps and succeeding, I figured I could show you some of the things I've purchased lately and have really been liking.

Surprisingly enough, I've gotten camo pants. Don't ask me why, because I'm not too sure either but they work brilliantly with the Asos Wedged Trainers you can see above.
Another favorite is the top from Zara. I'm a sucker for jersey type of materials, simply because they make me feel so comfortable. This one is just comfortable and somewhat jersey like but the gold dust on it gives it a very casual chic look.

A while before getting the wedged trainers, that I suspect are one of the best inventions to date, even for tall people such as me ( I'm 6ft in case you were wondering and the platforms give me a very awesome looking extra bit of height), I had FINALLY found the studded boots I had been looking for so long. Aren't they gorgeous? I feel like I could walk through anything with them.
And of course, you can see my love for jersey looking/feeling tops.That things is like a cozy pyjama you can wear in public and look cool while doing so.

I do wonder, would you want to see the occasional outfit post? I could do that every now and then.

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  1. awesome buys!!! i love them all! seriously! sunt fix pe gustul meu! i particularly love the wedged sneakers and the gold splattered jersey. they seem like a fine combo too!

    1. Mersi mersi! Those wedged sneakers are so great, all you'd ever wish for, sneaker,but then in double awesome

  2. These clothes are so cozy I just want to wear them all day :) I like your style! Unfortunately I cannot go to work in comfy clothes haha. Oh and I LOVE the shoes, but you already knew that :D




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