Friday, March 29, 2013

Recently On My Lips

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I don't know if you're aware yet, but beside nail polishes I'm a bit of a compulsive lip balm collector. I can never have enough and it recently turned out to come in handy because my lips have been going through a rebel phase where even after drinking more than 2 liters of water a day, they still look and feel dry. Still haven't gotten to the bottom of it, but like most things wrong with my skin, I can probably trace it back to the ventilation system in the office.

In any case, I have some of the golden oldies like the Rosebud Lip Salve  that might be petrolatum based but has done miracles for my lips throughout time, then some very new ones I'm somewhat undecided about. Those would be the Nivea Lip Butters. I have always liked Nivea, basically because we have all grown up with it but  I've read the ingredients of the lip butters and there's a bucketload of paraffin in there. Something I really don't want anywhere on me. And that brings me to my freakout in retrospect, is the Nivea classic cream also full of paraffin ? I'm afraid to Google that because paraffin is a side product of petroleum and it's one of those really badass mineral oils. But like I said, they are really new purchases so I have yet to try them out properly. But what I can tell you is free from any mineral oils is the MOA Green Balm . Only oils on the ingredient list makes it the most multifuntional balm I own.I can use it as a hand cream,face cream and lip balm. 
Then we have the Order of the Tube, starring Dr Organic Rose Otto Serum, which is ideal for the cold days where you want to make sure your lips don't get the full frost.It's a thick-ish balm that you really feel is doing something for your lips. Keeping is rosey, next on the list is Balance Me Rose Otto  Intensive Lip Salve. What I like most about this are the ingredients and the smell that really makes me feel there's no BS about it. No fake scents, it just lets the balm do all the talking. Now, I'm someone who tends to get anything off my lips in no time. Same goes for this and it's a pity because I have a feeling, would it have be able to reside more on there, it would have accomplished even more.
Last but not least we have Sportsgirl Smooth Operator Paw Paw Balm. In case you are like me and have no clue what Paw Paw is..... it's Papaya. Yep, it isn't the magical paw of an indigenous magical bunny like we all assumed.
This thing is awesome! Even thicker than the Dr Organic serum and even more long lasting. I can usually judge how desperate my lips are by the time it takes them to soak up this balm. Recently, it's been gone in no time.

What are some of your favorite lip case products? 

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  1. I love the raspberry Nivea Lip Butter, well, I love the smell; I can't say it has done much in helping improve the condition of my lips. I may use it more once my lips are better :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing


    1. I didn't find that much improvement either,and I'm not too keen on smearing it on too much either because of the ingredients.
      Btw, awesome blog you have,following on Bloglovin now :)

  2. Haha I am a lipbalm collector too! I love the Dr Organic Lipbalm range and I also love the Santa Bio-Goij it does wonders for my chapped up lips and doesn't need to be applied like 100 times a day!

    I will definitely look for the MOA Green Balm and the Sportsgirl Smooth Operator Paw Paw Balm.


    1. This particular paw paw balm I got from australia and Sportsgirl is a brand there but the generic paw paw balm I think is easier to find. the MOA balm you can get on with free shipping. I just got the small jar but it's more than enough

  3. I have the raspberry butter and a caramel one and I love them. I also have the balance me, which uhm...does the job but it's taste and smell make me sick. I don't really like organic stuff it seems x

    1. i like the smell of the Baslance Me balm exactly because I feel like no perfumes have been added. But yeah, it's a smell you need to get used to a bit first

  4. I absolutely love Nivea's lip butters, my favourite is Caramel Cream. But they are all great and smell amazing :) x



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