Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week In Pictures #7

Let this be a warning: if you are hungry, are prone to cravings or just do not want to be flooded with images of yummy food, step away from this post. Because this week I've suffered from more overstuffing than ever.All you can eat sushi, humongous portions of burgers and fries and desert on top of that.

No filter, no edit sunset.Best view from my balcony / Flowers that survived the weekend at the office

A balanced breakfast I would dare say / Strudel Smoothie! So good! Musli,Apple,Cinnamon yummies

After a long time, I think I found my perfect neon pink / Got myself some Lip Butters

All you can eat sushi. I was stuffed! / The not so tasty first strawberries of the year

Froyo! I'll never say no to you / Yesterday's huge sandwich with surprisingly soft bread

China's Number One Beer they say... I didn't want to try it /  Yesterday was so nice and sunny, but freezing

Hope your week went by nice and easy too and let that spring come a'ready!

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  1. Stiu, stiu ca ne-ai avertizat dar vai ce bine a petrecut stomacul tau saptamana asta :))
    Mi-ai facut o pofta nebuna de croissant, am Panemar-ul si maine dimineata dau buzna acolo.
    Sincer eu as fi incercat berea aia :))
    PS: Turbata dar geniala culoarea ojei :P

    1. Si eu cand m-am uitat in urma ma gandeam "no,chiar am mancat bine :)) "
      Am o colega care in fiecare dimineata merge la Panemar si ne aduce tot ce vrem.Asa bine e..
      Apropo de oja,de mult caut un roz neon cum vreau eu,si asta e mai ca lumea neon decat China Glaze,ceea ce e mare lucru

  2. Tu ma faci sa-mi cumpar oja noua desi am atatea pe care nu le folosesc.. :D


    1. Stiu ce zici da e asa frumoasaaaa! Stateam si ma uitam la unghii la un moment dat ca hipnotizata :))

  3. Ce poze faine! Tu ai instagram? You should if you don't, I would love it! x



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