Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time For Music: The Spring Playlist

I was planning a totally different post and then I put on some Sara Bareilles and started grinning. The result of the whole thing being that I was reminded how much music can do and how I seem to have ignored the whole part about songs during the creation of this blog.
So I'm going to make up for it. That's why I'd like to give you a bit of a feel good/ spring/ energizing playlist.
It would only be right to start with Sara Bareilles and the song that drastically changed my mood.

Sara Bareilles - Uncharted


She makes such great music and I simply picked this particular song because it had a very wide grin as an effect. I recommend you listen to her first album, Little Voice to hear how talented this girl is.
In case you don't know who she is, think a bit back to that song called Love Song that went "I'm not gonna write you a love song, cause you asked for it, cause you need one, you see....."

PSY - Gangnam Style

I feel like I need to justify why I'm listening to this, but come on, this is such a happy go lucky nonsense kind of song that you can't help but do that weird dance each time it comes on. There is a reason it has hit and passed the billion mark on Youtube, it makes you want to see it again, if for nothing else, then at least to see the magnificently senseless video it has.It has been a solid cheer-up song for months now.

Yelle - Que Veux Tu

The song and this band in general are my feel good source extraordinaire. This particular remix I heard by accident and I'll admit it's the first remix I like more than the actual song. The first time I heard of Yelle was when they were the opening act at a concert I went to back in 2007 and they were absolutely brilliant.
Been following them ever since and I'm glad they did. 
Let's make this truly beauty blogger and say they're the best thing to come out of France after Vichy.

The Ting Tinges - Great DJ

One of my classical feel good songs. Hey, I didn't claim you'll find them fresh new beatZ (yes, with a z) in this post, but I can guarantee you'll be left feeling a little bit better by the time you're done listening.
I'm a bit disappointed that The Ting Tings seem to have disappeared a bit these past few years because that first album they did was a really nice one.

Mika - We Are Golden

Let's face it, Mika is a little rainbow bundle of joy by default, isn't he?
To this day, I'm quite the Mika fan and if you ever have the chance, and want to come out smiling, I suggest you go see one of his concerts because it's a colorful blast of everything happy, with a little twist.

I was thinking if I should post any another song, after Mika probably got your limbs dancing on their own, but in case you want to cool down and still keep the smile, here's a couple of songs to finish up.

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood


Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

I remember a friend having this as a ringtone much before it became hyped and the whole reason I gave the song a chance was "oh this guy's name is Mark Foster, like the swimmer. That's funny."
Goes to prove us former swimmers have impeccable logic.

Hope you liked what I had to offer. Yes, they're not brand new songs, but I still enjoy the feeling they give me and will come back to listen to them time and time again. Maybe you found a new favorite in here too.
Some other likes of mine that can provide this kind of nice feeling include Robyn, Marina and the Diamonds, The Temper Trap, I Blame Coco ( who is actually Sting's daughter),Calvin Harris, Wham! (yes Wham!) and a whole lot of 80's music.

What are some of your favorites? I'm always up for listening to new music

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  1. Brilliant post, just what i needed to brighten up my cold and miserable day! Thankyou x x x



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