Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Pictures #8

Let me tell you about last week. What started as spring ended in winter and all the pretty colors that were presenting themselves on Monday became more gloomy by the time we got to Friday.
Nevertheless, I've had some "Yepeee!" moments, despite having to go through snow and wind. One of them was when my order from Asos finally arrived. Sure, I had calculated that the shoes will be worn by the time I got them, but we can postpone it for a little bit I suppose.

Beautiful sunset before winter decided to come back / Doesn't this smiling cookie look a bit creepy?

One of my favorite patterns / Coffee by the lake...on the roof

I call it the whale, but it's a super cute tea holder / My precious-es ! Wedged trainers, prepare to be worn!

Lavender never fails to look gorgeous / My two animals who hold most of the necklaces I own

That's all for this week but I really hope to have more greens and sun to show you next time!


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  1. Are those BN biscuits? I used to eat them all the time when we went on holiday because they don't sell them in the UK, memories x

    1. I think they might be. They weren't all that yummy tho,maybe they got worse with age :P

  2. Lovely pictures, I love love love lavender :)


    1. Tell me about it! I need to get to a huge lavender field once and just sit there



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