Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week In Pictures # 9

Wow, week 9! Been doing this for 9 weeks and still like it mucho! I had suspected it would bring my triggerhappy self back when it comes to photos and seem to have been right.
This week, there's a bit of everything. Figured I'd do less food photos, even if I feel like photographing everything I eat, because this might end up becoming a food blog if I'm not careful.

Scheduled Tea for Monday. Drank it all / Best smelling Shower Oil!

My manfriend was bored at the office one day and left me a surprise in the bottle / Melon, bananas and Nutella? Don't mind if I do!

What started out nice became winter by Wednesday / Best birthday food!

Musli with yogurt and jam, must do this at home too / My little spring project. If you're curious what it is, it's gonna be up on the blog on Wednesday

Can I assume it snowed where you are too? It seems like it has been randomly snowing all over the world this past week, but luckily enough it's getting warmer outside and yesterday it was just rain that was happening. So here's to a sunny week!                        

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  1. Yup, it's snowing here where I live as well. I swear we've been having winter for almost a year now! I'm gonna die if I don't see the sunshine very, very soon.

    1. It's finally getting warm again here,15 C as we speak. Sur,cloudy and gloomy and all that evil looking weather but man I'm happy I'm not freezing

  2. Nutella and bananas :X Simply heaven!

  3. Excited to see what your project is about :) love all the teabags :D



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